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Our resellers have the ability to board merchants for credit card, ACH, and remote deposit processing all on one platform that can be easily white labeled as well as retain the highest commission splits. Talk to a sales manager to get started.

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Highest Margin

As a reseller partner, you earn the highest possible commission splits with ISO level buy rates. If you're looking to expedite revenue growth and profit margin, then becoming a reseller is the best option for you.

White Label

Becoming a reseller of Paycosmos gives you the ability to white label our sales management portal and payment gateway. You will now have the ability to offer your clients credit card, ACH, and remote deposit capture all on one platform with a single login. Using your white label will be the easiest way to go to market under your own brand.

Sales Team

Board and recruit salespeople onto your new branded sales management portal. All agents have access to this branded portal with the ability to board their merchants using a 100% online merchant application process. Avoid the hassle of paying the agent commissions and 1099 as that can be managed for you.

Account Manager

As a valued partner, your success is important to us which is why we assign you a dedicated account manager to help you setup your white label, add your sales agents, and the boarding of your merchants.



We make offering payment processing to your clients easy as we are a one stop shop for credit card and ACH processing, with the capabilies to enhance your software.

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Onboarding API

Embed a form into your site allowing customers to request payment processing with a streamlined approval process.


Get set up with a test account to see what solution best fits your needs.

White Label

Have the ability to offer your clients credit card, ACH, and remote deposit capture all on one platform with a single login.


Our attractive commission rates with our single provider platform of feature-packed credit card, ACH and emerging payment options give you a clear competitive advantage.

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Online Boarding

Utilize the agent platform for a seamless online boarding process for your merchants.


More Options

Offer your merchants our preferred point of sale, gateway, or shopping cart solution.

Expand Portfolio

Expand Portfolio

Expand your portfolio with a wide range of new merchant types.