At linked2pay we partner with fintechs, ISOs, and agents as resellers, or users of our award-winning technology.

If you are a fintech our powerful and easy to use library of APIs, served in an à la carte manner, will help you greatly expedite your development, testing, and launch timing. Our wholesale pricing and simple agreement are an ideal fit for fast moving start-ups.

If you are an ISO, sales agent or consultant, linked2pay offers programs to refer us or to directly resell our payment solutions to your B2C or B2B prospects and customers to increase your income with our attractive revenue sharing program.

Our lucrative reseller programs are unique in that we offer an innovative, end-to-end payment technology platform with full transparency to customer activity. You will know exactly where they are in onboarding and what they are processing once they become a payments customer.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your customers have access to our best-in-class payments platform backed by full security, compliance, robust risk management and expert customer service.


Benefits for our partners

  • Seamless, omnichannel payment technology to meet the needs of your B2B & B2C customers
  • Increased income opportunities with lucrative residuals and little if any administrative work
  • Marketing and lead management is technology driven to assure high quality engagement for each customers
  • Innovative solutions equate to enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty & retention

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